the story

Kabul, December 11, 2014. During the premiere of a theatre play about suicide bombings a 17 years old boy blows himself up. Some in the audience clap, because at first they think the explosion is part of a very realistic re-enactment. Only when panic spreads do they realize what happened.
The documentary film TRUE WARRIORS tells the story of the actors and the musicians who were on stage that day. With their play, they wanted to make a point against the terror and violence that eats up their country. Now they are paralyzed by fear. Ever getting on a stage again? Unimaginable! Becoming a famous musician? Way too dangerous!
Only when violence hits a second time, some of the artists decide to take a different approach.They become ever more radical as artists. Not only do they go back on stage – they also play the most daring piece they imaginable, on the streets of Kabul, unprotected.
TRUE WARRIORS reminds us that if we really want to defeat terrorism we need to offer more than fear and hatred. One of the actors said after a screening in Germany: "We need to move from a culture of war to a culture of peace – and who could lead the way but us artists?".
English language trailer (5'):

"If we all stop,

they're going to win."